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Best Thai food in Des Plaines, IL
Thai Square Restaurant, Des Plaines, IL

 A Culinary Journey at Thai Square in Des Plaines, IL

Thailand’s exotic allure isn't just limited to its picturesque beaches or bustling markets; it also extends to its delectable cuisine. Tucked away in the heart of Des Plaines, IL, Thai Square offers a culinary expedition to the Land of Smiles, without ever having to leave the state.

The Menu

What truly sets Thai Square apart, of course, is its menu. Thai cuisine is celebrated for its intricate balance of flavors - spicy, sweet, sour, and umami, often coming together in a single dish.

Appetizers like Satay (grilled skewers served with peanut sauce) or Spring Rolls pave the way for heartier main dishes. Whether you are in the mood for a classic Pad Thai or the rich, coconut-infused Green Curry, Thai Square promises a dish for every palate.

For the adventurous diners, perhaps something off the beaten path like Som Tam (a spicy green papaya salad) or Larb (minced meat salad) would satisfy the quest for a unique culinary experience.

And, of course, no Thai meal would be complete without the sweet ending of Mango Sticky Rice or a scoop of refreshing coconut ice cream.

Final Thoughts

Thai Square in Des Plaines, IL, is more than just a restaurant – it's an experience. From the wide array of dishes representing different parts of Thailand, this spot offers an authentic Thai food.

For anyone in the Des Plaines area with a hankering for Thai cuisine, or simply looking for a memorable meal, ordering from Thai Square is a must!

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Authentic flavors! Whether you're craving Pad Thai or a spicy curry, this is the place to order from.

Customer Reviews

 "The food here is delicious. My whole family loves it and so do my friends."

Tyler B.

 "LOVE their curries! Awesome friendly staff too!"

Brian O.

 "AI would love to recommend this place to anyone searching for authentic Thailand food."

Agustin C.

 "We've loved Thai Square since they were in their original location by the theater."

Sara S.

Thai Square, Des Plaines

Thai Square, Des Plaines

Thai Square, Des Plaines

Thai Square, Des Plaines